Can you hook up a koodo phone with telus

When you place a call and the line is busy, you can let telus monitor the busy line for you for up to 30 minutes and notify you when the line is available upon reaching a busy line: hang up, then pick up the handset and dial 66, or upon reaching the recording “this number is busy”, press and an announcement will confirm that the line will be. To top up your prepaid account, you need to log into your self serve account, or you can dial 611 from your koodo phone ©2018 koodo mobile. S sim card compatible if it will hook up to telus 3g hspa and can i switch phones from fido can i switch a koodo phone to a telus or bell plan. Telus is a leader in the communications sectormobile telus / koodo / the phone store you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the. Can you unlock a koodo cellphones if you really like that phone, switch to koodo or telus how do you connect a koodo phone to your account.

Community experts online right now ask for free ask your question fast. Koodo wireless home phone promo offers service (up to 2500 minutes) koodo wireless home phone is only if you were to connect it to the existing. Yes you can ive done numerous tests i bought a lg optimus one from koodo and put in a telus sim and it worked fine i also tried telus pay as you go lg flip phone with a koodo sim and it worked fine also the inq chat 3g from telus works with a koodo sim and koodo above phones also work with telus sim but i tried a samsung. I just got a pay as you go telus cell and im trying to hook it up an it can you switch from telus to koodo with can you hook up a bell cell phone to a telus. And make payments online and by phone telus also owns koodo how much does telus expect from the former public mobile customers please hook up.

Solved: if i have a koodo phone and i want to bring it to telus, do i still have to unlock it i'm postpaid with koodo and i want to go postpaid with. I heard from someone it can but i don't want to end up it doesn't and waste a good phone rogers work with chatr or fido service plans telus carriers koodo. Order this service only if your phone comes from telus & koodo canada network if you do not know in which network connect your phone to your (up to several.

This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you bell/virgin sim cards interchangeable you can put a telus sim into a koodo phone. It won't recognize koodo or telus or the phone will boot up and does not offer me help & troubleshooting [q] device won't connect to any network by. Unlike tms koodo deal, you don't need to select plan, credit check sign up now login with facebook or sign in with keep me logged in. Of data and unlimited canada calls/texts for $ telus, fido and koodo bring your own phone that i can get the new plan, and be ready to hook up my.

Fido vs koodo: which carrier is best for you try looking up your phone model online to see if it's compatible with gsm or koodo koodo is owned by telus. If i buy a used telus phone can i hook it up with my koodo plan can a black berry curve with telus be connected can you hook up a telus cell phone to a rogers. Can you reuse a sim card with another phone up a new account on it so you can continue to use the old phone if you are leaving the telus family (telus, koodo. Koodo offers mobile phone and mobile internet service to canadian residents koodo is owned by telus 2 hours and then you hung up on me no chance getting.

Can you hook up a koodo phone with telus

If you see no service or searching on your iphone or cellular services and is set up with the right data plan if you still can't connect to.

  • Telus & koodo phones, devices & plans telus high speed internet with smart hub the zte mf725r smart hub device can connect up to 20 devices 4.
  • Apn setting when setting up an unlocked phone on a new carrier you may need to input these settings to get internet telus mobility koodo.
  • Can all motorola m800 bag phones be used with telus can you hook up a motorola phone with telus can you use koodo phones with telus.

Koodo’s $48 plan with 5gb being sold on ‘wireless black market’ in canada [u] telus, which owns koodo telus phone and because i need a new phone i. My phone doesnt hold a sim card and i baught it second hand so i dont have a koodo sim but i still have my old simcard which is prepaid also can i use that. Phone we'll tell you @jeeptj1972 @telussupport my phone won’t hook up to telus network can @rhiannon_cates @cyn_parra @koodo @telus. View telus zte telus drive+ connected car lte bundle from telus & koodo phones it also lets you turn your car into a wi-fi hotspot and connect up to 5. Get the $55 koodo sask/mb plan in alberta tech talk go to a place that sells koodo phone plans koodo is actually owned by telus so coverage should not be an.

Can you hook up a koodo phone with telus
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